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Our Journey

Keys To Driving, based in Pennsylvania, is an online driver training course that has been trailblazing the field of driving education since its inception in 2005. As the first online driving course approved by the PA Department of Education, we have always been at the forefront of innovative, comprehensive, and accessible driving education.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy centers on the belief that driving education should extend beyond the minimum required topics. This is why our curriculum spans a comprehensive range of 35 topics, 25 more than the 10 required by the Department of Education. We firmly believe in equipping novice drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the diverse range of scenarios they might encounter on the road.

Our Course

The course we offer is endorsed by schools across Pennsylvania and includes topics such as electric vehicles, wildfires, basic car maintenance, and dealing with law enforcement. Our students enjoy the flexibility of an online course, learning at their own pace while thoroughly understanding each topic. Beyond helping students pass driving tests, our objective is to create safe, confident, and responsible drivers.

Our Impact

Our students' successful course completion can unlock various benefits such as getting their driver's license 6 months earlier, receiving high school credits, and qualifying for insurance discounts. By providing a state-approved online course, we offer more than just the "keys" to driving — we open doors to knowledge, responsibility, safety, and awareness.

At Keys To Driving, we're passionate about driving education and committed to shaping responsible drivers for the future. Embark on your driving journey with us and experience the difference of comprehensive, state-approved, and student-focused driver's education.

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